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Expect more from your Rochester area Drywall & Plaster Specialist!

You’ve heard it said that unless your house is built on a firm foundation, the house cannot stand. It is the same with your walls and ceilings. The paint or wallpaper that you’ve chosen for the walls can be the perfect finishing touch on your home improvement project – that is, unless they are adorning walls that were installed by someone who did not know how to finish drywall, much less how to tape drywall.

Make no mistake about it – it is not your job to make sure that a drywall repair or drywall texture was completed correctly - it’s ours. And at Top Notch Drywall & Plaster, we realize how vital our part of the project is to the rest of the project’s success – and we don’t take that lightly.

Whether it is new construction or renovations to an existing home, drywall repairs or drywall texturing, let us show you what we can do as your drywall contractor!