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Drywall Repair

If you invested in a less than stellar drywall installation with a company that made big promises and possibly charged big bucks, you may find yourself unwittingly in need of quality drywall repair Rochester. If you unfortunately invested in a drywall contractor that has done you wrong, let us do the job right for the right price. You may also be in need of drywall repair as part of a restoration if your home or office has suffered mold, ice dam or water damage. Perhaps age has taken a toll or holes have become unsightly? Patching drywall while preserving the continuity of the wall and room is also one of our specialties. Regardless of the circumstances or the size of the job, Top Notch Drywall & Plaster is the company that can handle all of your drywall repair needs.

Drywall Repair in Rochester NYIn our line of work, we see the results of shoddy workmanship by our competitors. We see what happens when inexperienced drywall contractors simply don’t know how to hang drywall, how to patch drywall correctly or how to repair drywall that has mold or water damage. We also see what happens when drywall compound, drywall mud, drywall screws, drywall anchors, drywall tape or any other drywall tools are used incorrectly or cheap and quick is the order of the day to complete the project. When drywall is done incorrectly or haphazardly, it shows. It may show in the drywall taping, the seams, the drywall texture or the overall quality of the finished product. The cost of this shoddy workmanship goes beyond being unsightly. It can make it impossible to complete the wall with quality paints or textures without showing the flaws. It can also be unsafe and compromise the entire structure. As the base for the room or structure you wish to create, the drywall installation needs to be done by professionals who are not satisfied with the outcome until it meets the highest of standards.

Putty KnifeWe handle all drywall repair rochester jobs with one thing in mind—make it look, feel and function as it did or should have in the first place. We can use specialty drywall to enhance the initial job, such as soundproof drywall, fire resistant drywall or moisture resistant drywall. If your repair is needed due to mold or water damage, moisture resistant drywall for your repair project may be highly recommended.

Repairing drywall is just as much of an art as installing it in a new construction home or office. Twenty years of experience and the trust of countless local clients have all helped to make Top Notch Drywall & Plaster the well-known and trusted drywall repair company that we are today. Large or small, we treat every drywall repair with the same dedication to excellence.