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John & Chris Greece, NY - Jun 4, 2016

Vinnie did an excellent job repairing our master bedroom ceiling and finishing the walls. He was finished on time and the work looked great. Don't hesitate to call Top Notch.

Jan and Tom Webster, NY - May 31, 2016

We had a hole in our kitchen ceiling from a water leak and also a previous patch job in the middle of the ceiling from a leak which did not even come close to matching the rest of the textured ceiling. Vinnie came and gave us an estimate and assured us he could fix both areas. He completed the job on time, on budget and with no mess left behind. I dare anyone to come in and try to find the two areas Vinnie worked on! Can't think of any work we've had done from a contractor that would match the work he did. Too bad 5 stars is the highest rating!!

Bob Cushman West Henrietta, NY - Mar 20, 2016

We had some bad water damage to our ceiling after a bathroom drain leak. Vinnie got it all fixed up for me, at the cost and time he estimated. My wife said was nice, clean and efficient. What more can you ask for?

Jennifer Rochester, NY - Mar 17, 2016

Vinnie is a true professional. He is courteous, clean, easygoing, and does an outstanding job. He painted my son's bedroom in record time without even taping it, and it was perfect. I am a perfectionist, and I was skeptical about letting someone else do the work, but Vinnie confidently assured me that I would love his work. I do! I fully intend on hiring Vinnie for more work in the future. If you're looking for an honest, dedicated drywall/plaster guy who can also paint, look no further. He truly is "top notch."

Thomas Coughlan Pittsford, NY - Mar 7, 2016

Vinny did an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G job! We had moderate ceiling damage in the living room/dining room caused by the removal of a non-supporting wall and we were looking at an Open House in less than 30 hours that was on the on the verge of being cancelled it because the holes in the ceiling were befuddling the handyman homeowner and was a real turn-off for any prospective buyers. Compounding matters was the fact that the house was over 50 years old and had finely brushed textured ceilings. After one quick and panicked phone call, in walks Vinny "The Magician" St. George with a pleasant and confident demeanor. He took one appraising look at the ceiling, mixed up his special plaster/concrete concoction, put on some tunes by "Journey," and got right too work. He even agreed to paint the ceiling. 5 hours later - all was done and there was no way on God's Green Earth that anyone would know there once was substantial damage. Only I knew - and even then - had to use old nail holes on the floor as a reference marker to find out where the damage in the ceiling used to be. The textured pattern with the old and the new ceiling matched absolutely PERFECTLY and was restored to its original pristine condition. When it comes to the world of plaster - this guy walks on water. I'm almost tempted to punch a hole in the wall just to see Vinny do his work again - :-) . It's a joy to watch his confidence as he tackled the problem. Thanks for saving the day - and the Open House Vinny! It's too bad the rating system only goes up to 5!

Judy Rochester, NY - Feb 17, 2016

Vinnie was great! Professional, knowledgeable, prompt and thorough. I would not hesitate to call on him again for future jobs. Top Notch, indeed. 5 Stars!

Mike and Debbie Rochedter, NY - Feb 16, 2016

We hired Vinnie to finish our drywalling job we started in our living room. He did a great job, and in the time frame that he gave us. His prices were very reasonable. He is a very polite, professional, friendly person. I felt safe in the house by myself while he was here. We will be hiring him again, when we redo our porch. Thanks Vinnie, you did a great job!

Joe Regan Rochester, NY - Jan 26, 2016

It is difficult to find people who are consistently excellent at what they do. Vinnie is definitely one of those rare people. I hired him a couple of years ago for a plastering job in my home after reviewing his website. I realized I was taking a chance, but he exceeded my expectations. I have had him do three or four jobs and the results have been great every time. In my view, he works as if he is plastering in his own home. You could not do better than Vinnie St. George for this kind of work. .

Frank Ziegelmuller Webster, NY - Jan 20, 2016
I contracted this company to finish my garage with drywall and paint it. Vinny came over to give me an estimate and time frame to complete the work and we had no problem scheduling the work and agreed to a price within my budget. He came in as he promised and completed the job within the time frame promised and the finish was excellent plus he took care of cleaning up the place before he left. I would highly recommend this contractor to the excellent services provided.
Mary Schmidt Rochester, NY - Jan 16, 2016
We had a bad water leak in our living room from last years heavy snow. Coupled with that, the original ceiling was very poorly done. We now have a beautiful smooth ceiling. I am so happy with his work. I would highly recommend him.
richard capaldo rochester, NY - Jan 9, 2016

we love top notch drywall and plaster , we've known vinnie for over 20 years , who has been at my house many times , we had a lot of cracks in our house , that our builder refused to come back over and fix , and my dog kato has been chewing our drywall in our garage for 5 years , we can always count on vinnie to come over quickly , and do such an amazing job , you would never see where the cracks were , we recommend him highly , you will never be disappointed with his work , vinnie will be remodeling my basement , this spring , can't wait to get that down , he gave us the best price to finish our basement and he is very professional , trust me , you will be very happy with his work ......

Cheryl Rochester, NY - Jan 8, 2016

Great job in challenging remodel.

Jim Pittsford, NY - Dec 19, 2015
We had a problem with an area of the plaster ceiling in our kitchen that had damage apparently caused by water leakage around a skylight, and called Vinnie for an estimate to correct the problem. He gave an estimate and we scheduled the work. Once he started by removing the damaged area around the window, the flaking area was more extensive than originally anticipated, the final coating on the entire ceiling needed to be removed and replaced. He raised his price to complete the job, but the incremental amount seemed reasonable because instead of repairing about one third of the ceiling, the entire ceiling needed repairs. He completed the work in a clean, timely, professional manner. We would recommend Vinnie's work to folks with similar problems requiring repairs to ceilings.
Carolyn And John Greece, NY - Jul 7, 2014

We had had a horrible patch job done on a wall in our hallway and vinnie came in and fixed it so well you can not tell there was problem. We also had him fix some walls that had ugly texturing done to them. it less than a week everything was finished and out hallway looked beautiful. Vinnie is extremley professional and has a great attitude. i was home alone with my 2 young children and felt completly comftorable with him in the home, i even had to leave a few time and felt fine with vinnie being in the house without us. All work was done on budget and on time and he was very clean during the job. We would highly recomend Top Notch!!!

Dave Webster, NY - May 22, 2014

I had a family room ceiling section replaced. The original contractor failed to match the texture of the new section with the rest of the ceiling. Vinnie scraped the newly textured area and re-textured the area, perfectly matching the rest of the ceiling. The work was done perfectly and I would use and recommend Top Notch for any work I have in the future.

Walter Fairport, NY - Mar 20, 2014

I hired a guy a friend of mine knows to fix up the ceiling and walls on a kitchen renovation we were doing.  The guy completely screwed it up and it turned out horrible with terrible corners and cracks in the ceiling.  Set us back a full week on our job.. and everything looked terrible.

Then we found Vinnie and in about 2 days time he completely fixed every problem, fixed the cracks in the ceiling the correct way, gave us perfect corners everywhere and completely turned around our kitchen and made it look perfect.  Vinnie is fast but also pays attention to detail, highly recommended, great work.

Patrick Pittsford, NY - Mar 20, 2014

I highly recommend Top Notch.  I got three quotes with Vinny's being in the middle and me liking him the best due to his communication and attitude.  He supplied me with references from similar jobs he'd done and pictures of his work.  I decided that the lowest price isn't always the BEST price and chose Vinny to drywall my basement addition.  It came out great and I am very happy with the process and finish.  Please don't hesitate to ask Vinny for my contact info if you're considering him for your basement and would like to talk about my experience/etc.  I'd be more than happy.  

Joe Rochester, NY - Feb 5, 2014

I hired Top Notch to drywall a kitchen we were remodeling in our home. We had to tear out the old drywall completely, and we had a textured ceiling that needed much work. Vinnie was able to take care of the ceiling by replacing the bad sections and re-surfacing it which saved us money by not having to completely tear it out. He did such a great job resurfacing the ceiling that we had him go through and do the rest of the house!

Erick Rochester, NY - Feb 5, 2014

I had Top Notch do drywall ceilings for me. Vinnie did excellent work on my ceilings.

Top Notch also did plaster work for me in the kitchen. Vinnie repaired the top coat on my kitchen wall (the previous top coat had come loose from the brown coat). The repair was basically redoing the top coat (most of it was loose/falling down). He also skimmed the ceilings in the kitchen (they had some cracking).

I'm very satisfied with the quality of work that was done by Top Notch. Everything looks great and is ready to paint. Vinnie even offered me a few tips for the painting.

Top Notch was reasonably priced, fast, courteous, and Vinnie took the time to answer my questions. He was there when he said he would be, did the work that was agreed to, and didn't leave me with a mess to clean up.

I highly recommend using Top Notch for your drywall & plaster needs.

Shelly and Louie Pronti Rochester, NY - Feb 5, 2014

We found Vinnie from an ad he placed on Craigslist and took a chance. After meeting him we felt comfortable with hiring him to do some difficult drywall work in our home. His work was done in a timely manor and he did an awesome job. He was respectful of our home and family and we will hire him again. We highly recommend.

Mitchell Cantwell Rochester, NY - Feb 5, 2014

Drywall re-surfacing is not an easy job an should not be attempted by anyone with minimal experience… I realized this fact an hired Vinnie from Top Notch Drywall and I was very happy with the outcome. He finished my kitchen walls and sealed and resurfaced my dining room walls in three days.. he is very trustworthy and takes great pride in his work. I recommend him without hesitation and look forward to working with him in the future. If you’re looking for smooth walls, seamless corners, and a quality job look no further.

Ralph Rochester, NY - Feb 5, 2014

I first met Vinnie a couple years ago. I needed some drywall done in my living room. I saw his number in the advertisement and called him for an estimate. To tell u the truth I was skeptical because there are a lot of dishonest contractors out there. Vinnie came in and gave me an estimate which I was very pleased with and the time frame my job would be finished right on point. I was a very pleased with the drywall work in my living room. This guy respected our home and I would recommend him to anyone. VINNIE IS A TRUE PROFESSIONAL!

Mike Rochester, NY - Feb 5, 2014

I had Vinny come to texture my ceiling and finish my drywall for my addition. He did a great job and I am very happy how it came out. He was very clean with his work. When the job was done he wanted to make sure I was happy with his work before he left. I would highly recommend his work.

Donna and Sam Rochester, NY - Feb 5, 2014

Vinny did work in our kitchen which included new walls and ceiling. He also did additional work in our house, blending ceiling repairs and wall repairs, all which were done very professional and were impossible to tell corrective work was even done. Vinny was very neat in his work and was kind and courteous. Vinny was also very receptive to any additional requests we had or changes we made outside of our original contract. All this and his prices are great ! He did such a great job, we are having him return to do additional work. We would recommend his work to anyone.

Camille Buechel Rochester, NY - Feb 5, 2014

I had and overhang in my Master Bedroom fixed. Vinnie St. George finished the overhang by boxing it in and dry walling the entire overhang. Vinnie’s work is exceptional. He pays attention to detail and takes pride in his work. He cleans up the work area everyday at the end of the job. Vinnie’s work is fantastic!

To get a free quote on drywall or plaster repairs, or to learn more about how we can help bring your surfaces back to new, call Top Notch Drywall & Plaster Repair today. We can be reached by phone at 585-721-8403 or by e-mail through our website’s secure contact page.

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